Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TAAS in SXSW Documentary

This show, at last years SXSW was such an insanely good mixture of chaos and technical malfunctions that all ended up coming together into a big, beautiful, one of a kind experience that is seeing a These Arms Are Snakes live show. This clip is an excerpt from a documentary coming out called Wreckless Epic: The Journey To SXSW. Remembering this show only makes us that more excited about their new full length coming out on their most excellent new label Suicide Squeeze Records
whom we really love over here at Sargent House.


Abbie said...

im going to cut of a toe if i dont see taas live in the next 6 months.

9 toe abbie. thats what they'll call me.

grumpymanlovesrecords said...

I was at this show. one of the craziest TAAS show's ive been too. fucking crazy