Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best Snakes Show Review EVER!!!

Hey this is my first post on a blog! How Wackkkky!!!! My mind has turned into cream corn because Chris(who is recording all this dumb shit and is a total sadomasochist) Made me sing 3 songs tonight and my throat feels like what can only be compared to Joan Rivers on the nth hour of the "What to and what not wear" awards. Soooooo I feel kinda high!Natural of course!Anyhooo this might be the most perfect live description of this band I have ruined myself for ever for.People have asked me what playing is like.Well this reads verbatium what I recall us playing and looking like when we play.Hey as long as ya all have fun!!!!!

P.S you may have to scroll down a bit. What the fuck is a blog?


Ian said...

Want some chairs stacking up at the Manchester show?! His photos of that show are pretty cool!

Abbie said...

i someday hope to experience these world renowned stage antics. until then i will survive off shitty youtube videos.

Sean said...
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Adam said...

Don't hurt yrself at Bumbershoot... fall off that stage and yr fucked!
Oh, and let me know if there's another bumbershoot warmup basement show, so we can break all yr gear again the night before a big show!!!