Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tour News. New Records.

Here’s the scoop:
We were robbed in Barcelona. They broke the driver side window at some wee hour of the morning and made off with our stereo, GPS system, and some personal effects that were in the van. The thieves couldn’t get to the gear, so we lucked out in that regard. Spain, we still love you. A big “fuck you” to the perpetrators. Did you really have to add insult to injury and piss all over the inside of our van?

On the upside, the tour is going very well. Russia was mind-blowing. We’ll talk about that more later on. We’re still piecing together what actually happened for those 5 days. Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France have all been great as well.

The These Arms Are Snakes/Russian Circles split 12” is out. There were only 1000 pressed and we have half of them with us here in Europe. The other 500 will be available through Sargent House. All the material is previously unreleased.

The These Arms Are Snakes/Tropics split 7” is out soon-ish. We have copies available with us on this tour and you can order it through We-Be Records. There are only 500 copies of this bad boy. All the material is previously unreleased.

The These Arms Are Snakes/Pelican split CD/10” is also available from Hydra Head Records. There are only 500 copies of the CD. We’ve sold out of our copies. The vinyl comes in 5 different colors and we’ve run out of copies on the road, but should have more by our Paris show.
The first pressing of 2000 copies of Tail Swallower & Dove on vinyl is pretty much sold out, though we have copies with us on tour. There will be another pressing, but if you’re one of those collector folks that need the original pressing, you’d better pick up a copy ASAP. Also, check out the Mamiffer album (also out on Hydra Head). Three of the four of us played on the album.

Alright, off to get new passports and fix a broken window.


celtic said...

fuck. that sucks.

see you again tomorrow!

Katherine said...

oh no!!!! glad they didn't get gear but pissed they...uh...peed in your van. :(

k. said...

if those fuckers would make you cancel the show of tonight i would personally kill them all...