Monday, February 9, 2009

New split 7" w/ All The Saints

The split 12" with Russian Circles is almost entirely gone. We just reordered the split 7" with Tropics, but the original pressing of 500 is running out. The split 10" with Pelican sold like hotcakes, and the CD version just got repressed with new covers. The split 7" with Minus The Bear will be out whenever they get off their asses and pick a song to cover. But in the midst of all that, we are pleased to announce another split record!

We are honored to announce that Touch & Go Records is doing a limited split 7" with TAAS and upcoming tour-mates All The Saints. Our side features the track "Washburn" which was recorded during the TS&D session. In keeping with our Alicja Trout obsession, she was kind enough to provide the artwork for our side of the record. We're very excited to collaborate with the boys in All the Saints. Don't know a whole lot about this Touch & Go label though... I think maybe they put out a Meatmen record years ago?

The split should be out in time for the u.s. tour later this month.

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Berend en Suzan said... sign of this yet?