Tuesday, March 24, 2009

California Shows

come on out last shows in California before heading home

Mar 24 2009 Casbah San Diego, CA ^^^ and PRE, The Mae Shi
Mar 25 2009 Angels Road House #2 - Apple Valley, CA ^^^
Mar 26 2009 Echoplex Los Angeles, CA ^^^ All Ages
Mar 27 2009 Nicholby's Ventura, CA ^^^
Mar 28 2009 Bluelamp Sacramento, California ^^^

^^^ w/ Tera Melos

1 comment:

dc said...

DEAR These ArMs Are SnakeS,

I know you guys are probably over your head in groupies and sponsorship offers from starbucks, and thereby obviously suffocating in praise. even so i have found myself much obliged to acknowledge appreciation for your work and music. you guys are probably like my third favorite band, next to the mars volta. your music is megafun to dance to, while still incorporating some of the best elements of other music that is definitely less dynamic-- for example, epic riffs usually found in the more drawn out linearity of post-rock.

I think my favorite part ever is when you all go 'THE THINGS THESE EYES HAVE SEEN. THE THINGS THEY'VE SEEN. Money doesn't really seem, seem to be all that much! [GOD-RIFF]' That part fucking owns. Have any of you ever been to a psychiatric hospital?

well mainly i just wanted to convey great gratitude for your work as artists, it has added much enjoyment to my life! i hope this message is met in the most ideal conditions, as in one person expressing something to another, rather than some sort of obsessive psychological subservience artists seem to get.

best regards,
Jason M., Hailing from Southside Chicago.