Tuesday, August 19, 2008

These Arms Are Snakes + Pelican

Well, shit. It looks like this long-rumored project is finally going to see the light of day. Our split/collaboration with Pelican is off to the pressing plant and should be all packaged up in time for our West Coast tour with sBACH in September. For those not hip to the news, we teamed up with Pelican for their encore at Islington Academy in London back in the spring of 2007. Nine dudes on stage played through Pelican’s Pink Mammoth. We decided to recreate that moment by releasing a version of the song with contributions from both bands. But the trade off was forcing Pelican to contribute their embellishments to our song Diggers Of Ditches Everywhere. I must say: those nerdy post-rockers really know how to make a song so layered and textured that you can get completely lost in the expansiveness of the sound. They definitely transformed it into something totally new. The folks at Hydra Head and everyone else involved is so goddamn pleased with the results that we’ve decided to release a small batch of CDs in addition to the previously planned 10” format. Quantities will be limited, so grab em while you can.


Anonymous said...

So will these be available to order at all?  Because I need a copy of this on CD, but can't drive 3000 miles for a concert right now.

France In Japants said...

where can i order the bloody vinyl? trying to get this ish.

La Bamba said...

These will mos def be available to order. Keep checking over at Hydra Head for the pre-order. They're coming sooooon. Booyah