Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back in the studio

Yes, the new record isn’t even out yet. But we’re back in the studio laying down some new songs for some upcoming projects. We haven’t quite allocated all of the material yet, but one thing is certain: one song will wind up on a split 7” to be released by our friends over at Vinyl Collective. Our side of the record is a cover by our favorite defunct garage/goth/new-wave band out of Memphis… Lost Sounds. We figure it’s a fitting nod to their guitarist/co-vocalist Alicja Trout, who was awesome enough to contribute backing vocals to our song “Red Line Season.” We opted to tackle a rendition of “Energy Drink and the Long Walk Home” of the Rat’s Brains and Microchips album. For the other side of the 7”, our good friends in Minus The Bear will contribute a cover of their own. Not sure what song they’ve picked, but I’m sure it’ll be mind-blowing. More details will come as we figure this shit out…

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